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     It's my BIRTHDAY!


 December 9th 


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For my Birthday, I wanna go somewhere beautiful, relaxing, and have the time of my life with my bestie Destiny. Look forward to posts of our adventures!

Any gift will be treasured and used to fulfill my Bday wishes! Feel free to ask me a question with your donation and I'll answer them in a live IG video.

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 I'm a fun loving Authentic Tantra™ instructor and Tibetan 5 Element Healer. As a nurse and Tantrica, I've developed a holistic approach to health and wellness, integrating spirituality and sexuality. I hold workshops, retreats, and specialize in helping men and women heal trauma and sexual dysfunction. I'll show you the art of catalyzing Spiritual Growth with Sexual Energy!

Client Testimonial

"Courtney taught me semen retention methods, how to get in-tune with my pleasure scale, and how to relax into the pleasure. My blue balls disappeared, I started being able to get erections, the PE went away, and I was having multiple orgasms a week. Now I was faced with a different wife was asking me to stop when I went too long instead of asking me to pass her the vibrator so she could finish herself off. Under Courtney's guidance, I have now been able to have a hands free non-ejaculatory orgasm."   -Ryan, BC