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Courtney is your favorite Tantra Coach & Tantric Male Trainer, who provokes open & honest conversation about sexuality and spirituality with the intention of conscious evolution. You may know her from Youtube for the “It’s Good to Hold your Juice” video, or on social media doing Live shows & singing bowl meditations.

Her love for healing the body began as a licensed nurse in the Operating Room and home health care. Now as a Tantra Practitioner & Energy Healer, she teaches Tantra based on the Tibetan 5 Element Chakra System, Taoism, Qi Gung, & Neo Tantra. As an experienced medical practitioner, she teaches with a strong foundation in health and well being of the physical body.

By creating an effective structure of Mindful methods for self-care & Energy healing practices, and also clear intention to “Lead with Love” through action, Courtney has helped many people tap into their own healing ability. Courtney's mission continues to work on raising consciousness by unifying the whole human, especially those living through sexual trauma, for a more balanced world.