What is Tantra? Tantra is Spiritual Technology that we can download into our system through practice, acting as a virus clean up that gradually restores us back to our optimal and original function.

Learn with Courtney! Tantra Expert & Self Care Coach internationally known for Tantra & Self Care Coaching with an emphasis on sexual healing & trauma. Teaching the world how to use sex as a super power!


The ultimate goal is freedom from all the mental BS that hinders our perceptions, connections, & live our best lives by using Energy on a regular basis.

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A unified world starts with self love & compassion for others. Tantra teaches to build a loving relationship inside yourself that can transform the world around you. -CG

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You may know her from Youtube for the “It’s Good to Hold your Juice” video, the radio, or social media hosting Live shows & sound meditations.

Her love for healing the body began as a licensed nurse in the Operating Room and home health care. She’s masterfully integrated Tantra into holistic health training that anyone can learn and use to maintain maximum health and boost the body’s ability to self-heal.

Why live at half-life when you can live like the Super Human we were born to be?

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