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Your Favorite Tantra practitioner

Sign Sagittarius (Fire)

From Muskegon, MI

Lives in Southern Cali

Specialties Meditation Tantric Healing, Tantric Male Training

Courtney is a passionate Tantra Expert & Self Care Coach.  As an experienced medical practitioner, she offers Healing services & instruction with a strong foundation in health and well being of the physical body. Her recent work has been focused on meeting community needs for healing and teaching self healing methods for sexual trauma so that people can feel whole & safe in their bodies again.

Creating Spaces, real healing places.

Seeing Love in all of our Faces.

Being Free and Being One

Empowered under the Sun. 

-Lead with Love, CG

West Meets East...

As a youth, Courtney fostered a fascination with the human body that eventually propelled her into a career as a PACU nurse. She has worked in many healthcare settings since then, including 5 years as a home health nurse that changed her focus to one to one care. Seeing the vast improvements in her 80+ patient made in his final years inspired Courtney to focus her tantric training and medical knowledge on providing holistic options for the public.

Healing Her Sexuality...

Courtney found tantra like most people, when they needed it. While dealing with intimacy issues in her personal life and looking for mental calm, she ended up training to become a certified Tantra practitioner, and quickly learned to integrate the spiritual technology into her life and experience tangible holistic results. Through the lens of her own healing she developed motivation to help others find intimacy, balance, and overcome sexual dysfunction. She has focused on building a bridge between men and women’s sexual awareness through holistic education and Tantric Healing technology.

Her Current Mission...

Courtney's current focus is on meeting the need for accessible mindfulness education in all areas of life, including sexual health. She's an all access Tantrica who many seek guidance from on meditation, healing trauma, activating orgasm, and Tantric Male training to name a few.

She continues to cultivate her intuition and skills as a healer by practicing and using the energy on a daily basis. 

real practice = real results 

Courtney’s understanding of the body combined with a structured holistic practice  has yielded some amazing results. One example is getting rid of her own nagging asthma symptoms.  After getting to a point of using her inhaler 4 times a day, it was time to apply her practice along with a system of mindful exercises that would reverse the programming of asthma on a subtle level.  This method worked successfully!

Since curing her asthma symptoms with tantra technology, she finally took the inhaler out of her purse after not using it for almost 2 years.

These tangible experiences keep her motivated to go deeper and find more ways to guide people into healthier, more fulfilling, and empowered lives. Join her mission to cultivate more connection and fulfillment through teaching mindful habits, Tantric Healing, and having more guilt-free enjoyment in Life!

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