Your Favorite Semen Retention Coach and Elemental Healer!

Courtney is a fun loving Authentic Tantra Coach and Tibetan 5 Element Healer who’s contagious joy she accredits to being “refined by the Fire.” Before blossoming into the accomplished Tantrica she now is, her early life was painted with repeated hardships of abuse and poverty. It is from these struggles, that she has cultivated spiritual integrity, resilience, empathy, and compassion for others.

Her spiritual journey started as a child with Christianity and eventually Catholicism. Finding no real connection with either religion, she simply decided to “lead with love” and finds full spiritual fulfillment in that.

Becoming a Holistic Nurse...

As a youth, Courtney fostered a fascination with the human body that eventually propelled her into a career as an Operating Room Nurse. She has worked in many healthcare settings since then, including 5 years as a home health nurse that changed her focus to one to one care. Seeing the vast improvements in her 80+ patient made in his final years inspired Courtney to focus her tantric training and medical knowledge on providing holistic options for the public.

Healing Her Sexuality...

Courtney found tantra while dealing with intimacy and sex issues in her personal life. Through the lens of her own healing she developed motivation to help others find intimacy and overcome sexual dysfunction. She immediately enrolled and completed the Authentic Tantra™ program and earned her certification. Since then she has focused on building a bridge between men and women’s sexual health/ dysfunction through somatic healing methods and non-violent communication.

Her Current Mission...

She currently works with men teaching semen retention and frequently hosts workshops on meditation, yoni yoga, and tantric movement. Using tantric breathing methods to cure her own asthma, Courtney continues to cultivate her intuition and skills as a healer by finding ways to integrate tantra into every facet of her life. These tangible experiences keep her motivated to go deeper and find more ways to heal the world.

She believes Sexual Healing is never just sexual healing…”Sex is just a big door that once opened, you have access to the soul.” In her own words, “ I like sex, sex is fun! So if I can lead people to the door of healing and happiness through sex…Sounds like a mission I would like to accept! ”



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