Sexual Communication: Tantra Quickie


Sexual Communication: Tantra Quickie


This 2 hour Tantra intensive will teach you the 5 Principles of Sexual Communication and how to begin experiencing mutual pleasure and emotional connection in your relationships. 

Do it solo OR with a partner!

 What's included

  • Learn the 5 Principles of Communication
  • Practice using the methods during class
  • How to apply the methods Sexually
  • Getting Mutual Pleasure with Sex
  • Connecting with Emotions and Needs

Understanding our own needs and desires can be a challenge that makes it harder to maintain a healthy relationship. 

This class will give you the tools to gain clarity in your self-exploration and growth, as well as cultivate compassion for your partners. 

Why we need Sexual Communication...

  • Sex is Awkward at First 
  • Without communication of needs, sex can be disconnected
  • We don't know how to ask for what we want
  • Lack of communication skills leads to dissatisfaction and tension
  • Sex requires communication and feedback to get better

Many relationships fail because of a lack, or misunderstanding with communication. Most of us can describe emotions as they arise, but don't know how to go deeper with the feelings and needs that aren't being met.

All unhappiness stems from a basic, core need that isn't being met in a way that makes us feel incomplete. When we're able to understand what those needs are, it's easier to come up with a solution and make requests.  This class will show you how! 

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In this workshop, you'll learn how to use mediation as a tool to improve your life. It'll be a fun experience and a great way to build connections and find support with those on a similar path. Everyone is welcome!