Yoni Massage: Tantra Qucikie


Yoni Massage: Tantra Qucikie



This 2 hour Tantra intensive, where we'll address the benefits of  Yoni Massage and how to do it holistically from start to finish!

 What's included

  • Learn a Full Tantric Yoni Massage
  • Female Anatomy and Pleasure
  • The 4 Strokes
  • The Secret Tool for Relaxing into Pleasure
  • Understand how to Heal with Yoni Massage
  • How to Hold Space for Healing

Whether you want to learn for yourself, or for a partner, Tantric healing massage will change the way you experience touch and intimacy.

For Her

Experience more Pleasure & Sensation

Awaken Orgasm & Multiples

Deeply Connect with your Yoni

Cultivate Self- Compassion

Heal energy blocks in the pelvis

Feel Safe in your Body

Heal trauma stored in the body


    For Him

    Deepen intimacy with your partner

    Cultivate Compassion

    Learn her Body on a New Level

    Understand Female Anatomy and Arousal

    Learn Sacred Touch to Heighten her Arousal

    Build trust with your Partner through massage

    Be intimate without intercourse 

    Holding Space- What to do when she Cries

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