Healing Sessions

Blocks to Bliss...

Healing Sessions differ from coaching sessions.

As a Tibetan Tantric Healer, I will be helping you facilitate the release of energetic/emotional blocks using somatic healing methods, touch, sound,  breathing...guiding you into deep relaxation, to begin healing your nervous system and clearing the energy body.  Those who are open may experience new sensations, physical changes, and a new perspective. 

Sessions start at 60mins, longer sessions allow time to learn more and practice techniques. Healing sessions can be added to coaching sessions and require at least a 2 hour session. 

Sessions are tailored to your comfort and needs, allowing a safe and compassionate healing space. 

I always aim to empower, so expect to leave with new tools and knowledge to improve your experience of life. 

How to BOOK...

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2. You will receive a text to schedule a short intro call with Courtney and confirm your appointment date and time.

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Desired Date of Appointment
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60min $220 90min $280 2hr $380