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ReTreat Yo'self: Tantra with Courtney

ReTreat Yo'self to this 5 Day Transformer Retreat with Authentic Tantra™ Practitioner Courtney Garner.

Do you crave more Connection and Intimacy in your Relationships?

Need help learning how to communicate with your partner?

Is Presence lacking in your life?

Do you want MORE out of sex?

Are you Ready to Invest in your Growth?

Are you excited to immerse yourself for a week and leave a new person?

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Join Authentic Tantra® Practitioner and Tibetan 5 Element Healer Courtney Garner for a transformative Summer retreat June 6-10 in the beautiful valley of Palm Springs. Singles and couples welcome! 

Take advantage of this opportunity for learning, growing, and having LOTS of FUN, at this Intensive ReTreat with people who get you and support your growth. Experience Ancient and effective Tantra practices, interactive workshops, live demos, connecting with nature...Immerse yourself this unique space for connection and transformation with your favorite Tantra coach!

Your retreat property is a Luxury Lakefront home where you can lounge in the pool or jacuzzi facing the lake. Look forward to majestic sunsets on the San Jacinto mountains.

Start your day of right with guided Meditation & Movement facing the lake. Cultivate deeper relaxation and ignite your senses on Destination Meditation hikes. There will be many opportunities to deepen your connection with yourself, and nature. 


All meals and drinks are included.

 Wake up to hot coffee and tea, followed by a healthy, freshly prepared breakfast.Our 24hr Concierge Servicewill ensure that you stay care-free.

ReTreats offer a unique chance to connect with awesome people from all over who already have  something in do Tantra! Well, you will after this.

This experience is for beginners, as well as those familiar with other forms of Tantra. Come open to gain knowledge that could enhance your current practice, or give you a foundation to begin.  


Genuine expression and authenticity is how we live, so of course we're LGBQT friendly and offer everyone the opportunity to Heal and give this Life the Best we've got! 


Couples come to retreat to leave as a stronger, more deeply connected union. Tantra is a powerful and effective way to break down emotional walls within our relationships so that mutual healign and pleasure is available. If you want to enhance intimacy, open up connection and Pleasure in your partnership, come on down! The Pleasure part alone is worth the trip. Each couple will arrive to a welcome gift that contains tools you'll need throughout the retreat. It'll be a spiritual adventure that begins your 1st night!


Tantra is not only for couples. It's starts as a SOLO practice that is then strengthened with a partner, but the foundation is Self. So come ready to deepen your self connection, expand body's pleasure potential, and get your mind right! In this world of distraction and disconnection, having a practice in place to deepen your ability to connect and control your mental busyness is HIGHLY necessary. Come open to learning and leave on a spiritual high with tools to support your continued growth.


If you're already on a healing path and crave MORE to deepen your practice and understanding, this Intensive will broaden your understanding of how the energy body works with self healing, so you can use all of your tools more effectively! Many Reiki, Neo-tantra,and other natural healers enhance their results with Authentic Tantra™ practices. 


Fire Element Meditation- A powerful practice to harness your sexual energy and use for healing and transformation...I'll show you how!

Sexual CommunicationLearn how to Communicate with yourself and your needs, and get the mutual pleasure in your relationships. 

Lingham and Yoni Massage-The jewel of tantric massage and a powerfulhealing practice that can help restore connection and heal your sex! 

Pranayama Training- Powerful Breathing Tools that have been known to replace pills for pain and relaxation. 

Tantric Movement-This particular movement will bring fire to your hips and love to your body! Get in your body,let go, and let the energy flow!

WARNING: Tantric Movement can heighten your arousal and charge up your fire during class. 


For this retreat, each Guest will go through a screening and short introduction with a retreat Host. Our main priority is to create a safe and supportive spacefor learning and growing together. Guests will also have a private Facebook group so you can all get familiar before you meet!

A typical day will involve Movement & Meditation in the morning followed by breakfast. Interactive workshops and demos will be done before lunch. Guests have the rest of the day to enjoy the property or join group Activities,Workshops, or Adventures. The Nightlife Experience will have a different theme each night, from dance parties to burn ceremonies and karaoke, we love it all!


Intensive just means you'll be learning and practicing something each day,but there will be plenty of time for fun and relaxation. The plan is to send you home empowered with your soul singing!




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