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Live Webinar Tantric Male Activation: Lasting Longer


With PE being the most common form of sexual dysfunction, lasting longer may be the perfect medicine for you.

An estimated 20-30% of men suffer from Premature Ejaculation, not lasting longer than 1-3minutes. 

This can be embarrassing for a man, and disempowering when he feels out of control. 

Porn Addiction is a major contributor to the rise in PE. Thinking of porn as a drug, the varying strengths of this drug is readily available to whoever and whenever, for FREE. It makes those of us without self control, and sexual energy that we do't know what to do with, likely abusers of masturbating to porn. 

Using Tantra and Semen Retention to heal porn addiction has been an effective treatment for years by reconnecting men with thier sexual energy, without the need for outside stimulus. I'll teach you how to build your own fire and stoke it to make it last as long as you want.

I promise your female partners will treasure a man who can last long enough for their arousal to build, and not feel rushed or broken for not coming soon enough. 

In this 2.5 hour Tantra intensive we'll address the common issue of Premature Ejaculation or simply not being able to last long enough and how Semen Retention will empower you to heal and maintain. I'll send you off with effective practices to begin regaining control and getting more pleasure from your sex and Relationships.  

 What's included

  • Changing our relationship with Orgasm & Ejaculation 
  • Health Benefits of lasting longer
  • Male Anatomy and Pleasure
  • Tantric Practices to Last Longer
  • The 4 Strokes
  • The Secret Tool for Relaxing into Pleasure
  • Using Pleasure as a Path to Healing
  • Homeplay assignment to continue transformation
  • Get the Most Effective Semen Retention Technique

2 Reasons Why Men need to Last Longer...

1 Women's arousal process is longer than a mans, taking 20-45mins to reach full engorement, while the average time of intercourse is 2-7 minutes. This leaves little time for women to reach full engorgment and arousal before it's over. 

2 Men and their partners miss out on the healing benefits and transcendent levels of sexual pleasure when it's cut short. Lasting Longer the right way turns conventional sex into an art form. 

When we expereince healthy sexual pleasure, our bodys naturally release chemicals that enhance our wellbeing, health, and sensory experience. This is one way sex is a whole body experience and a healing practice.

Dopamine: Bliss, satisfaction, mood balance, enhances cognitive ability

Oxytocin: Connection, bonding, emotional fulfilment 

Serotonin: Feel good hormone, relaxed and content, better sleep

Endorphins: Improved immune System, Pain reduction with natural Opiod release, euphoria and motivation

Phenylethylamine: Natural mood boosting and anti-depressant 

Get MORE and tap into your potential to be an empowered, sensual, multi-orgasmic man.

This live Webinar will give you the foundation for experiencing longer, more fulfilling pleasure and satisfying your partners.


A new You!

At the end of the class you will have all the knowledge and practices to...

  • Sustain erection and pleasure for longer
  • Separate orgasm from ejaculation
  • Develop Multiple orgasms
  • Complete ejaculation control and choice

Your homework is to use the techniques I teach you for lasting longer and blocking orgasms and report back with your experiences.


I will assign your practice plan with specific instructions with Sexy Homework at the end of class.  I'm looking forward to hearing about transformation and growth, and celebrating your orgasms.

Join me to receive these coveted practices that will empower you to Master your Sexual Energy and start experiencing more confidence as a man. 

After competing registration you'll get an email with the Zoom link and instructions to join the class. Join the secret Facebook group "TMATalk" after registration to cultivate community and support around improving our energetic connection and uniting spirituality with sexuality. 


Earlier Event: February 22
WEBINAR Tantric Male Activation