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Imagine pleasure being a part of your healing.

For some, healing is the first step before pleasure even becomes and option.

If pleasure and orgasm is something you feel is lacking in your life, you’re not alone.

Psychology today says 50-70% of women don’t orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone and Planned Parenthood reports as many as 1 in 3 women have trouble reaching orgasm during sex.

Despite these numbers, there’s still a lack of attention and research concerning female pleasure and orgasm, let alone the emotional and physical imbalances that manifest as a result.

Thankfully, enough research has been done to prove that your brain and your vagina are linked, and the ability to receive pleasure and orgasm affects a woman’s overall experience of pleasure in life.

Affects of a Pleasure Deficit

- Low energy & motivation

- Depression

- Agitation

- Insomnia

- Inability to receive vs giving freely

- Low self-worth

- Misuse of sexuality in an attempt to meet emotional needs

- Disconnection to body, especially the Yoni

Imagine feeling confident, connected and sexy in your body…

How would you act differently?

How could this empowerment change your life?

Stick with me and learn the mindful method to awaken pleasure and orgasm in your body. Besides understanding your pleasure potential, you’ll also gain the tools to…

  • Create space to heal your trauma
  • Release blocks to your Pleasure
  • Awaken vaginal Orgasm & beyond
  • Deepen self-connection & body awareness
  • Cultivate strong and deeply connected Sexual Energy
  • Empowerment to Advocate for your Needs & Pleasure
  • Manage stress so it doesn’t hinder your experiences

#1 Reason to try Sexual Healing…because a block in Sexual energy is a block everywhere…

Most don’t realize how extensively sexual suppression affects our everyday experience. Any degree of trauma, or even harboring negative thoughts around sexual behavior affects our ability to trust and connect with others.

On a primitive level, sexual energy is a natural and vital component to our existencewe can’t be separated from it. So threatening it, naturally affects our feelings of safety and ability to connect with others.


  • Assault, Harassment, Rape
  • Slut-shaming
  • Lack of justice for crimes against women
  • Religious condemnation
  • Fear of Social isolation
  • Lack of Government support for contraception
  • Fear mongering with Pregnancy, STI’s

It’s time to reverse negative conditioning and take control of your sexuality.

In this 2 hour instructional class, we'll address the common issue of the Orgasm Struggle, holding emotional trauma in the body, and how to release, heal, and manifest the life you deserve.


  • #1 Tool to manage stress and relax into Pleasure
  • Heal trauma to awaken pleasure
  • Female Anatomy and Arousal
  • Tantric Practices to Activate the G-spot
  • HomePlay assignments to embody the practices
  • Invite to Facebook growth-support group for women only

Liberating your sexually doesn’t mean more sex, less clothing, or even being more sexual, but it means you live without fear of judgment and do what feels good to you and your body without shame or guilt.

If you’re ready to catalyze healing with pleasure and manifest the life you want, join me for this intensive webinar and get the tools and support you need to blossom.


How can you expect change without consistent effort? Do your homework by embodying the practices and watch as your body awakens and your mind blossoms.

Support is the other important ingredient. All attendees will have access to a private Facebook group to continue community support and learning. It’s hard sometimes, and we need support, so take advantage of the other amazing women who’s healing and happiness is a priority.

Class starts Thursday,April 5th @6pm PST via Zoom

See confirmation email for the link, CLICK to join

Use the code YONILIT to save on registration.


Courtney Garner, MIndful Living Expert, Authentic Tantra Practitioner Tibetan 5 Element Healer, Nurse, IATE Health Consultant