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Yoni Healing & Self-Care Training -Buford, GA

Join Nikki Jones, (Certified Yoni Steam Practitioner & Vegan Chef) And Courtney Garner, (Certified Tantra Practitioner & Sacred Sexuality Coach) for a day of Yoni self-care training. The sacred art of Yoni Massage is used to maintain womb health, release emotions in the yoni, and awaken the body to more Pleasure. Womb Stimulation & Yoni Massage is a hands on technique used to help support a healthy reproductive system, ease menstrual cramps, increase fertility, & release emotional blockages.

In this (8hr) self-care training you will learn how to connect spiritually, emotionally, and physically with your womb space in order to release past traumas and reconnect you with the divine gift every woman possesses...the gift of birthing positive manifestations into your life and experiencing pleasure. During this course you will also learn how to ditch social stigmas associated with sensuality & sexuality, helping you to embrace & celebrate your sexuality in a positive way. A Celebration Ceremony will be held after class. All participants will receive a certificate of completion presented by Courtney Garner. 


Yoga Mat/Blanket, Wear "All White" Comfortable Clothing & (Also Welcome to Bring A Change Of Clothes For Dinner Party Celebration) & (Open Mind, Hearts, & Free Spirit) 

A Vegan Lunch & Dinner Will Be Provided By Chef Nikki Jones.