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WEBINAR Tantric Male Activation: Harnessing your Chi


LIVE WEBINAR + Q & A + Practice Calendar with Courtney Garner of Absolute Tantra

How this works:

Join your favorite Tantra Coach in this 2 hour instructional classintended share practices and education to activate your chi, and deepen self connection while gaining control over arousal.

Whether you deal with regular dysfunction or not, most men can relate to moments where they didn’t feel connected to their bodies enough to have control, and sometimes trouble staying hard.

Many men choose to band aid imbalance with magic pills, which works for the moment, but lacks the connection and energy a man can provide naturally.

An estimated 20-30% of men suffer from Premature Ejaculation, not lasting longer than 1-3 minutes.

This has a lot to do with the mental state before and during engagement, but regular habits like self-pleasuring quickies to porn can dull your self connection and decrease tolerance to long lasting pleasure.

Porn Addiction is a major reason clients seek coaching and self-care training to regain control and balance. The information offered in this class has proven to work in repairing control and cultivating arousal internally vs externally. Porn isn’t bad, and fantasy is a valuable way to enhance pleasure, but with all things indulgent, we have to be aware of who’s in control and if we can still enjoy partner experiences.

Class Breakdown

2 hour instructional class designed to integrate sexual energy as part of our self-care and evolution of consciousness. On the surface, you’ll gain more control and confidence in yourself, but under the surface, the new mindful habits are opening up your perception to something more organic, more you.

Join the mission to cultivate compassion from within and consciously change the way we connect with eachtoher and the world.

1 Meditation- First, we’ll set the foundation for presence and self-awareness with instruction, then a guided meditation you can use daily.

Tibetan Fire Meditation will activate your awareness of subtle energy to begin exploring this new dimension of your existence. The Fire Element Mediation that will be your new habit for activating sexual energy, enhancing arousal and pleasure, but most importantly, cultivating awareness, mental focus, and presence in your body.

2 Breathe Yoga Next, learn breathing techniques to manage your stress and relax into the body, an effective way to build control and release muscle tension. You'll get a sample for motivation when it's practiced in class.

Included are methods to relax the Nervous System ,and improve your ability to process emotions. These tools can be used anywhere to bring balance and presence... from on the road, the office, the stage, or the bedroom.

3 Harnessing- After clear understanding of how the body and arousal works with Tantra, the practice of harnessing chi will be expertly demonstrated on anatomical models. This will be your new habit to control ejaculation and learn to surf the waves of pleasure. Specific Taoist methods are incorporated to maintian energtic balance and avoid syptoms of stagnant energy.

4 Semen Retention- Finally, the vital tools for separating orgasm from ejaculation will be shared and clearly demonstrated through anatomical models and diagrams. With diligence, and understanding the mechanism of orgasm and ejaculation, a man can experience non-ejaculatory O’s in 3-6 wks.

Q&A- The class ends with open Q&A to get clarity before you go off to change the world.

At the end of the class you’ll be prepared to

  • Cultivate mental clarity with mindfulness
  • Harness chi for empowerment
  • Maintain firmness longer
  • Stay present with pleasure & last long
  • Separate orgasm from ejaculation
  • Develop Multiple orgasms
  • Improve emotional connection & processing


Integration Assignments is will be your main priority to embody the practices. Use the techniques learned in class to last longer, control ejaculation, and experience an evolved relationship with your sexuality.


A 5 day calendar laid out plain with what to do, how often, and how much time it takes. You’ll find it’s easy to integrate these new habits into the life you already have and not feel like you just took on a whole life path.

After registration, you'll get an email with the Zoom link and instructions to join the class. Join the secret Facebook group "TMATalk" after registration to cultivate community and support around improving our soul connection and integrating spirituality with sexuality.