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Are you ready to add a Pleasure Practice into your Daily Life?

I'll teach you easy ways to integrate Mindful Pleasure into any lifestyle or schedule and give you the spiritual and sexual awakening to really Live your Life to the fullest. 

Mindful Pleasure is a major part of my Tantric Healing practice, that's evolved from being a source of connection and pleasure, to a means of healing and processing emotions. 

This 2 hour live class will give you the tools to cultivate self-awareness, body awareness, and the empowerment to access your energy body for healing. 

I'm excited to share with you, my knowledge and understanding of the body, mind, and soul through years of nursing enhanced by Tibetan Buddhist Tantra, Taoist Sexual Yoga, Somatic Healing.  

Class Content:

• Tantric Meditation for Energy Healing- Start your Tantric Healing practice with the Fire Element Mediation that will be your resource for activating sexual energy, enhancing arousal and pleasure, but most importantly, cultivating awareness, mental focus, and presence in your body.

• Breathe Yoga for Relaxing the Nervous System- Learn to switch off your stress and relax into sensation with mindful breathing techniques. These tools can be used anywhere to bring balance... from on the road, the office, the stage, or the bedroom. 

• Activating Orgasm with Mindful Pleasure Methods- I'll demonstrate how to set the energy for a healing session to deepen connection with the energy body, then go into specific pleasure and somatic healing methods that I use regularly to maintain health, process emotions, heal trauma, and stimulate creative ideas. 

• Techniques to Expand orgasmic Energy- These Tantric techniques will allow you to move sexual energy all over you body or target certain areas for healing. 

1 month Practice Calendar-Follow the Practice Calendar for a month to feel confident about embodying the practice and experience results.


Psychology Today says 50-70% of women don’t orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone and Planned Parenthood reports as many as 1 in 3 women have trouble reaching orgasm during sex.

Despite these numbers, there’s still a lack of attention and research concerning female pleasure and orgasm, let alone the emotional and physical imbalances that manifest as a result.

Thankfully, this is not the Yoni's first go round in healing and ancient teachings like Tantra and Taoism have passed on the empowerment to heal mental occlusions, energetic imbalance, and activate pleasure in your life.  I'll share these with you, as well as special techniques developed from my own extensive practice. 


  • Ability to process emotions with pleasure
  • Compassionate understanding of your anatomy and arousal process
  • Ability to experience internal orgasm
  • Feeling present and happy in your body
  • Mental Clarity and awareness
  • Reduce overall stress and Manage it daily 
  • Invite to Facebook growth-support group for women only

Liberating your sexually doesn’t have much to do with sex, it's about reintroducing sexuality into your full existence in order to feel whole, and expand our human potential. I mean, we're only using 10% of our brains, let's tap into the rest of that power!

If you’re ready to catalyze your expansion with solid instruction and support, join me for this intensive webinar and get the tools that'll last you more than a lifetime. 


By following the one month Practice Calendar provided at the end of class, you'll get to embody the practices and experience your body and mind awakening to more of life's pleasures.

Support is the other important ingredient. All students will have access to a private Facebook group to continue community support and learning. It’s hard sometimes, and we need support, so take advantage of the other amazing women who’s healing and happiness is a priority.

Class starts Thursday, August 2nd @6pm PST via Zoom

See confirmation email for the link, CLICK to join


Courtney Garner, Mindful Living Expert, Authentic Tantra Practitioner Tibetan 5 Element Healer, Nurse, Tantric Male Coach