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Green Body CannaLube


Green Body CannaLube



GREEN BODY ENCHANTED LUBE is handmade with organic, vibrationally tuned Marijuana plant material.

It’s meditated over with mantras and tuned in a 13 inch crystal singing bowl before being infused into the oils.


Relaxes vaginal muscles to be more sensitive & receptive to pleasure.

Calms excitement for men who want to last longer and deal with PE

Enhances blow flow to tissues for healing and detox

Provides an array of Sexual Health benefits outlined below.

Organic oils packed with health benefits. 

Grape seed OIl- Vitamin E & Omega 6 Fatty acids

Thin, light weight, Ideal pH for using internally. 


  1. Organic Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil

  2. Cold-pressed Grape Seed oil

  3. Pure Essential Oils (Lavender, Rose, Sage) 

Cannabis Infused coconut oil

Cannabis in Sexual Health dates back to Ancient Mesopotamia

Inhibit tumor cell growth like Fibroids

Relive pain, cramps, vaginal tightness

Reduce inflammation, PMS

Relieve anxiety experienced with sex

Relaxes muscles & increases blood flow to help with premature ejaculation

Improves bodily presence during sex (in your body, not your head)

 Blended with essential oils formulated for health, relaxation, and maximum glide without irritation or chemicals.

  1. Lavender calming, relaxation, anti-bacterial

  2. Clary Sage antispasmodic, increases blood flow , eases menstrual cramps, regulates flow, regulates Estrogen levels, great for menopause or any ester deficiency 

  3. Rose can increase libido, stimulates natural lubrication, accelerates healing of tissues from childbirth, or trauma. 

Common Commercial Lube Ingredients to Avoid

  • Glycerin: retains moisture, feeds bacteria and leads to yeast infections

  • Propylene glycol: preservative, moisture retainer, leads to pH imbalance & infections

  • Polyethylene glycol: flavored & warming lubes, erodes soft tissues

  • Parabens: mimic estrogen, linked to breast cancer, skin cancer and decreased sperm count, but has not ruled that it is harmful.

Apply 15mins before play. Don’t use with latex condoms

Get the Green Glow with Green Body Baby…


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