Courtney is a fun loving Mindful Living Expert who’s passion for life is contagious.  As a specialist in Meditation and Sexual Healing, she works to empower others through Tantric teachings and holistic coaching that brings life to a new level of consciousness and Pleasure. 


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Tantric Male Activation: Lasting Longer

March 9th @6pm pst

Class content

2 hour class loaded with info + Live Q&A

  • •lasting longer for Health & transformation

•Separating orgasm from ejaculation

  • •Most Effective Semen Retention Technique

  • •Tantric Practices to Last Longer

    • •Secret Tool for Relaxing into Pleasure

  • •Homeplay assignments to catalyze results

    •Developing Multiple orgasms/full-body orgasms

    •Ejaculation control and choice

    1. •Male Anatomy and Arousal

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Tantra Quickies

Choose from these 2 hour intensive sessions that will empower you with a particular practice and teachings. these are great intros to tantra and holistic living.