Are you always IN YOUR HEAD?



Do you want?

  • Inner peace and less STRESS
  • Deeper mental focus and clarity to better your performance
  •  FREEDOM from nagging negative thoughts
  •  Be able to stay in the moment
  • HEAL the body with your mind
  • Awaken your 6th sense 
  • Have better SEX

Why Meditation Works 

We are conditioned to constantly follow our thoughts and this is the very habit that clouds our minds and causes life to suck sometimes.

Think of the brain as a highway network and consider how much daily traffic there is. With too many cars on the road, the whole system slows down, jams,  and none of the thoughts  go anywhere. And there you are, wasting time, sitting in traffic missing life. 

With meditation, you can fulfill your greatest traffic dream and FLY  over all that BS to get to your destination.  Once you begin, you'll see that mediation opens up a toll lane; the fee to experience an enjoyable, less congested ride, is just DISCIPLINE  to practice.  

Science Stuff

The brain is like a muscle in that it gets stronger with training. 

Brain Plasticity refers to the brains ability to adapt, grow, and change...That means, with the proper brain training techniques and consistency, YOU have the power to tame your mind and be the master of your thoughts, and therefore emotions, actions...reality.

The brain operates at different wavelengths, depending on the activity and which area of the brain is used.  Meditation gives us the ability to switch to different wavelengths, from higher wave lengths of alertness and thinking, to lower ones, of a relaxed state, in which our brains can rest from useless thought, opening up to the creativity of the universe.  I've had my BEST ideas after a solid meditation!

What’s In A Session?

Things I cover:

 -How meditation is actual medicine for your body!

-Learn the power of  the breath andHOW to meditate

-5 Element Chakra System, using it to heal the body

-How to Manifest using mindfulness

-Ways to integrate your practice and transform your life

What to Expect... 

Sessions are 100%tailored to meet your goals!

- During consultation, we'll discuss your goals and develop a plan to achieve them. You will know how many sessions you need and what we will do in each one. (via Skype or in person SoCal)

-Sessions scheduled a week apart to give you consistent support.

-Homeplay assignments to enhance your journey and ignite the healing process

-Learn simple and effective Authentic Tantra™practices.

-Each session will overlap on the next so your practices and knowledge build on each other. 

-Half hour follow up session once you've completed your sessions. This gives you a chance to ask questions and deepen your practice. 

Are you ready to MASTER your Mind?

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*Local clients can opt for in-person sessions. 

The benefits of Meditation are ENDLESS, like your mind!