Why Every Man Needs A “Sex Class”…


Let's take the guess work out of giving and receiving pleasure...

Let's take control of our sexual energy and tap into the next level of sex...

Let's discover your true human potential and reshape your whole life experience...


Healing Sessions

Reasons to Book:

  • Process Trauma
  • Healing dysfunction
  • Healing Touch
  • Experience deep relaxation and Presence in the body
  • Clear emotional Blocks in the Energy Body

These sessions differ from coaching sessions in that there is healing intention, energy and touch involved. Breathing, deep relaxation, and tantric healing methods are applied during 60min-2hour sessions.  Longer sessions allow time for learning and practicing more techniques OR processing trauma and clearing energetic blocks.  Sessions are tailored to your comfort and needs, allowing a safe and loving healing space. 

Online Program: Healing with Semen Retention Mastery!

We will set your GOALS then customize your sessions for SUCCESS!

Here's what I teach...

  • Gain control over ejaculation, arousal, and erection. Heal PE and ED 
  • Semen Retention
  • Stop porn addiction
  • Lingham Massage
  • Yoni Massage
  • Awaken 8 different O's for Men
  • Female anatomy, using sexual energy to heal
  • Awaken the 11 different O’s for women
  • Sexual Communication, emotional processing 
  • Tibetan Buddhist Meditation 
  • Calling in the right Mate
  • Tibetan 5 Element Healing System
  • Tantric sex for couples
  • Sensual Touch

What's it like?

Tantric Training is about creating long-term, LIFE-time results, and though  chances are you will see instant results, this is not about instant gratification.

Once you have the tools, it is up to you to practice them. “Home Play” is an essential component of the program, and you will spend approximately 1 -2 hours, 3-4 days per week doing your home play assignments.

  • Tailored 1-1 sessions, in person or via Skype
  • Meet every 1-2 weeks to keep you on track. 
  • Ongoing support so that you can integrate and USE these methods to continue experiencing results. 
  • Audiovisual learning materials...videos and recordings
  • Homeplay assignments that are fun and enhance your practice. 
  • Supplement Recommendations to support your healing process and enhance your results. 
  • Follow up session to answer questions and continue strengthening your skill in practice, sending you off you conquer the world!

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