Hiring a Mindful Coach for your business is investing in the very minds that nurture your company.

If you know the benefits of meditations and mindfulness personally, imagine how it could benefit your whole company?

meditation is simple science



  • Weekly hosted meditation sessions

  • Compassionate Conflict Resolution for team members

  • Effective Communication Training

  • Self-care training sessions to reduce workplace injury & enhance self-awareness

  • Cultivate a culture of respect & honest communication at work

  • Invest in the Mental Health for  those that build your business

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  • Mental Health benefits for employees & Easy access self-care

  • Space to recharge & improve work performance

  • Desk Yoga & other self care training to improve health

  • Actively counter the negative affects of exteneded work place time.

  • Gain tools to improve mental focus & maximize function in & out of work.

  • Expert Meditation Room set-up in the Workplace

    Every job should have a place for employees to calm their mind.

People can’t be expected to work efficiently when their mind is not in order and emotions are clouding decisions. There needs to be workplace training that addresses emotional and mental balance, with methods to maintain without the aid of medications or dramatic changes.

This is the intention of Workplace Mindfulness and the spaces designed in each building create a space to do just that.