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Dark Green Jade Eggs- Medium


Dark Green Jade Eggs- Medium

50.00 60.00

 Green Jade Yoni Eggs (1 Pair)

BONUS: Unwaxed, unflavored dental floss INCLUDED

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Discover what your Yoni can do!

Yoni eggs are powerful healing tools that can offer physical, and well as energetic benefits. The metaphysical properties of Green Jade include grounding and protective energy. giving added support to the healing and awakening process of the yoni. 

Jade has an ancient history of nobility, bringing the energy of abdunance and good fortune to ones life. 

Benefits of Yoni Eggs:  

  • Increase vaginal muscle tone & Sensitivity!
  • More sensation
  • More Orgasm
  • Recovery after childbirth
  • Prevent or repair Urinary Incontinence. 
  • Increase natural lubrication

        ...and more for you to DISCOVER!

Your pair of Green Jade Yoni Eggs will arrive in a beautiful velvet pouch, with clear instructions for washing your eggs, and HOW to use them properly! 

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We recommend booking a Dakini Session at Authentic Tantra so that you get one on one advice and coaching on how to use the eggs for your best benefit! All of our practitioners are highly trained and knowledgable so pick the one that clicks with YOU!  Find your Dakini Here!

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