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The Original TantraWand™ Available Oct 31st


The Original TantraWand™ Available Oct 31st


Available Oct 31st, 2017


The TantraWand is a sexual healing tool. 

Every TantraWand  has been skillfully hand carved from stone, and personally blessed with the  Tibetan Buddhist "Medicine Buddha" prayer. This blessing transforms negative energy into positive, thus, becoming medicine for the body.  Arriving in a special wooden box, displaying the Medicine Buddha Prayer for your recital, the wand is a precious tool for sexual somatic healing. 

Included in your shipment along with:

  • Instructions for charging, washing, and energetically clearing your wand
  • Medicine Buddha prayer  to use for re-charging and boosting the healing power of your session
  • Tips on conducting a healing session with TantraWand...the HOW!
  • BONUS! Organic wand cleaner

Expertly designed to curve along a woman's natural shape AND is great for use on the Prostate!

The Special Design provides a VARIETY of moves!

  • Awaken the g-spot
  • Coax the clitoris
  • Massage the posterior wall
  • Soothe your yoni by warming stone in running water
  • Stretch the interior for better circulation and sensation, like yoga for the Yoni!

        ... and MORE magic for you to Discover!

Warm it UP!

The TantraWand's solid stone design holds heat like no other wand you've used before! Simply run it under warm water before use. Heat is a vasodilator, which means, more open blood vessels, more blood flow, more sensation, more relaxation, more release of blocks to BLISS! 

*Reserve your wand now...As a quality handmade item, quantities are limited.  

**Tested  and loved by Authentic Tantra™  Practitioners. 

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