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Yoni Yoga Party: Personal Training Workshop w/ COURTNEY + EGGS


Yoni Yoga Party: Personal Training Workshop w/ COURTNEY + EGGS


Up to 5 participants

includes 1 pair Rose Quartz yoni eggs for each

*Travel Fee depends on location distance from Orange County, CA


This interactive workshop will cover the basics of Yoni Yoga, how to use and care for your eggs, and create an effective practice for each person to reach their personal goals.

Specific stretches and pelvic positions will be performed in class, with or without eggs in. Enjoy getting connected and feeling your body as we dance and exercise the pelvic floor with party lights, good music, and the company of your favorite people.

*Lighting & music provided

This class is done fully clothed unless otherwise decided by participants in full consent.

Women are looking for new ways to celebrate life and connect with each other in a genuine way. Yoni Yoga offers that open, non- judgmental space, which always ends in a good time. Celebrate your next special day with holistic education with your favorite teacher.


  • How to care for and charge your eggs

  • Proper form and moves that target the right muscles 

  • Conscious breathing practices to deepen the holistic benefits and cultivate awareness.

  • Sensual Dance to shake up your chakras!


Bachelorette Party


Birthday Party

Retirement Party

Divorce Party

any party will do.

Email custom requests to: cgarner@absolutetantra.com

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