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Yoni Yoga: 1hr Personal Training Session w/ COURTNEY


Yoni Yoga: 1hr Personal Training Session w/ COURTNEY




This personal training session will cover the basics of Yoni Yoga, and create an effective practice to reach your personal goals.

Work with me on creating a Conscious Yoni Egg practice that will give you all the benefits and max out the potential of this practice. This will be an hour long session via Skype or Zoom


-Techniques  to address your personal Goals and needs

-Create a Practice Plan with your Coach

-Proper form and moves that target the right muscles 

-Conscious breathing practices to deepen the spiritual aspect and cultivate intuition and awareness.

-The female anatomy, how, and why the practice works

-Tantric techniques to bring your practice and body to the next level!

Take your Yoni to a new Level of Experience!

*You can email me for customization before checkout.

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